Transforming natural resources into beautiful unique grinders powered by CrushGrind®

July 09, 2015

Piet Smith and his company Pepper Mills for Africa is CrushGrind® distributor in South Africa.

Piet Smith, who is a retired banker, started his business in 2005 as a hobby project. He asked Charlie, who was his gardener back then, to help him sand some wooden mills. Piet taught Charlie the skills and Charlie is now factory foreman in the company that has grown into a hectic small business.

Piet and Charlie often go to the bush to gather fallen wood. This wood is used for making beautiful and unique mills that all have CrushGrind® inside. Piet and Charlie arrange seminars for locals and help them to create a livelihood for themselves and their families. The unique pepper mills are sold to tourists and locals.

Lately Piet and Charlie also started making beautiful coffee grinders "for the connoisseur"

We just love that CrushGrind® is part of such an honest and beautiful adventure!

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