CrushGrind Mechanics


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CrushGrind® mechanisms

CrushGrind® is based on the principles of the older and well-known mortar. However, from the original idea, CrushGrind® was developed to be more than just a pepper mill. The CrushGrind® mechanism was once designed to be a better grinder, better than what was available on the market. Through passion, will, and a little nerdiness, we invented the Original ceramic mechanism - as a revolution of the traditional pepper grinder. We enabled customers to grind. Not only pepper but also salt and all other types of dried herbs and spices.

Our modern version of a mortar releases the essential oils from the spices and the full aroma of the spices will be expressed. Our mindset is characterized by our authentic background and eagerness to create better kitchen equipment. We aim to inspire our customers and give them the best gastronomic experience - because we believe that everyone deserves one.


Therefore, we have also further developed on our original idea and taken the principles to other grinders. For example, we have developed two mechanisms for grinding coffee: CrushGrind® Coffee and CrushGrind® Barista. Of course, both mechanisms have the same thoroughness behind them as all our other products. That is why it is with a conically shaped grinder, which gives a better taste and less bitterness in the coffee - all because CrushGrind® Coffee mechanisms ensure a more uniformly ground coffee. In addition, the mechanism is more efficient compared to other coffee grinders of the same type on the market - in fact as much as two to five times as efficient.

The high-tech ceramics ensure that your freshly ground coffee does not get any metallic off-taste, as the natural material does not transfer flavor to the coffee. For the more traditional grinders with a pivot point at the top of the grinder, our CrushGrind® Shaft can be recommended. There is also a CrushGrind® Shaft Mini for grinders with a slightly narrower circumference - common to both our Shaft mechanisms is that they are suitable for virtually all types of materials, and then the mechanisms are mounted easily with a click-in function, which requires neither glue nor screws.

Our CrushGrind® Wood mechanism is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for wooden grinders. On this mechanism, the pivot point is further down than in the aforementioned CrushGrind® Shaft mechanism. This grinder is designed with grooves, which attach to the wood and provide horizontal attachment. In addition, there are catchers on the mechanism that ensure the vertical attachment.

Finally, our version of the classic abrasive steel is worth a look - we have called this mechanism MakeEdge ™ Pop-Out. Our version is easy to use correctly as it is a small and flexible mechanism. The knife mechanism is located in a plastic tube, which can be mounted on a cutting board or the like. When you want to use the mechanism, you pop out MakeEdge ™ and it is ready to use.