Curious Creators are people just like us

A curious and creative mindset is the reason why CrushGrind® exists today. So it is not coincidence that we want to enable others to be curious creators too. Our mechanisms are perfect for homemade grinders, when you want to make a durable and professional grinder with the same quality as a store-bought grinder.

Available in 6 variations our mechanisms suit most designs and needs. At our Instagram profile we have collected different creations all handcrafted by the DIY community where our CrushGrind® mechanisms have been used. Our CrushGrind® Partner concept is relevant for DIY communities who require larger orders of our mechanisms. Contact us to learn more.

CrushGrind Crafts Award 2022

CrushGrind® mechanisms

“Think big and stay curios. That is what we act by at CrushGrind®. And that is reflected in our professional grinders, enabling our users to experience new gastronomic tastes”

- Ken Muff Lassen