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When you visit, we collect information about your activities on our website.
We use cookies to personalize your online experience and to collect statistical data for the purpose of improving the buying experience on the website. In this policy you can read more about the information we collect, how we process the information, what we use the information for, who has access to the information and how to contact us.

What is a cookie?
When you visit, cookies are placed on your computer. A cookie is a small data file that is stored in your browser to recognize your computer next time you visit our website. There are no personal sensitive information stored in our cookies.

Most websites use cookies. Cookies are stored on your own computer as a help to yourself. It analyses how a website is used, so that the user experience can be improved. In several cases, cookies may be necessary to provide a specific service on the website.
The information in your cookies are sent between your browser and a web-server and contains information on user settings, login and how the website is used.

What is the purpose of cookies at
When you visit, we collect information about your activities on our website. We use this information to improve your user experience, evaluate the use of individual elements on and to support our marketing.

Browsing can activate a service email collect your browsing behavior (e.g. displayed categories and products), to improve the communication of relevant products and propositions to satisfy you as a user. An example of this type of information could be the products you have put in your shopping cart, where you have chosen not to complete the purchase. This may result in a service email reminding you of the products you left in your shopping cart.

Analytical tool
We use various analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, which helps us collect statistics about the use of, to improve your user experience.
To determine who visits our website, we use cookies to keep demographic and user-related statistics. This allows us to customize and create content and services that matches yours and other users interests. Below you can see the purposes for which cookies are used on

Third party cookies uses a number of third-party services on our website. These services sometimes use cookies as well. Third-party cookies are used to collect statistics on your visits to As an example, these cookies are used to see which pages you look at, and how much time you spend on these. We use the system Google Analytics provided by Google for this purpose. You can opt out of Google Analytics here:

Marketing/re-targeting also collaborate with external partners to improve our online advertising to ensure that you only receive relevant ads. We use the following partners: Facebook, Active Campaign, Youtube, Instagram and Google. includes third-party components such as “Facebook Recommend” or “Facebook Likes”. These third-party components cause the owner of the third-party component, such as Facebook or Google, to receive technical data about your browser, IP address, and which pages you visit on etc.
The handling made by the third-party component is beyond our control and is solely a relation between you and the owner of the third-party component. use these components to link directly to our social media pages, to ensure an easy navigation to our users.

At we use several technical cookies. These cookies are necessary to handle the functionality at our website. The cookies are stored when you login to, and are used to keep track of your shopping cart, favorite items etc.

How do I avoid cookies?
If you do not want to accept cookies, you can either block all cookies or delete existing cookies from your computer, or you can choose to get an alert before cookies are stored on your computer.
We recommend that you read our entire cookie policy before considering making changes in your cookie settings, as a change can impair the user experience on as well as other websites. Please also note that if you do not accept cookies, some functions on may not be available.

Below you can find guidelines to how you change your cookie settings depending on which browser you use.

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This policy is dated May 6, 2021.