Designers and product developers

Gustaf Wollin og Thomas Albertsen / Carl & Carl, Denmark
It is no coincidence that these two designers ended up working together.

Already during their education they started collaborating. Their different personalities and areas of expertise, creative struggles and different ways of approaching things, always result in challenging products and designs. And the result is hard to ignore; their designs have been awarded many prizes and mentions.

In the autumn of 2008, after years of trimming their skills together, they finally started Carl & Carl. Carl & Carl deliver products at all design stages; from idea development through product descriptions over prototyping and finished designs ready for production.

Products: Stockholm 11cm Oak, Stockholm 11cm Stainless steel, Stockholm 11cm WalnutStockholm 17cm Oak, Stockholm 17cm Stainless steel, Stockholm 17cm Walnut, Stockholm 17cm Porcelain, Stockholm 27cm FSC Beech, Colombia Coffee Grinder


Simon Nygaard / Wonderland, Denmark
Simon Nygaard has versatile creative mind. His work includes interior design furniture design, product design, graphic design and art. As an extend of the work as a designer Simon is head of design & art of the creative agency Wonderland, which he started up in 2011, and has 5 employees.

Simon and his partner open the art galleri WAS ( Wonderland Art Space ) in 2008, which was voted the best galleri in Copenhagen same year by AOK, in 2005 they started to publish the free art and culture magazine Wonderland.

Products: Tabletopper Black Marble 2, Tabletopper Black Marble 3, Tabletopper Walnut 2, Tabletopper Walnut 3, Tabletopper Black PMMA


Kristian Laegdsgaard / Laegdsgaard, Denmark
Laegdsgaard work with industrial design and product development. They cooperate with established corporations but also focus on helping start-ups realising their ideas. Laegdsgaard works with all disciplines from initial idea generating, design, development, construction, prototypes, testing,  sourcing and production planning. 

Products: CrushGrind® Quadro Technology (patented)


Sam Murley / CrushGrind, Denmark
Sam has been employed as product developer at CrushGrind® since 2018. Sam is involved in all product development at CrushGrind®, and has been the initiator of unique features in the 2019 CrushGrind® Collection.

Products: Billund 12cm grinders, Billund nutmegBergen 12cm, Champagne 17cmHelsinki 13cm, Lyon 10cm grindersAarhus 12cm, Aarhus 18cm, Vik salt jarS/P magnetic plate


Jakob Herold, Denmark
As an innovation-based design company, with international range and domestic presence, we base our work ethics on the values of sincerity, credibility and dialogue.

Products: Copenhagen, Kyoto 10cm Oak, Kyoto 10cm Ash, Kyoto 17cm Oak, Kyoto 17cm Ash


Henrik Casper / CrushGrind, Denmark
Henrik was head designer and product developer at CrushGrind® from 2005-2010. In that period he designed and developed several products and some of these are still in the CrushGrind® collection anno 2019. CrushGrind® won design awards and the company patented innovations created by Henrik.

Products: Kala, Kala stainless steel, Paris 22cm, Paris 29cm