CrushGrind® Partner


We develop, source and produce the design that fills your needs.

We are a full-service partner developing and supplying mechanisms and designs of grinders and other kitchen supplies. As a manufacturer partner we strive to ensure a highly professional process from idea to development to final production.

Our headquarter is located in Denmark where our product development also is located. This makes it easy to produce prototypes and secures a close collaboration between designers, engineers and production.

If your business is looking for an experienced manufacturer of high quality grinders and a qualified counsellor in production of grinders, then you should contact us at CrushGrind®.

Download our technical catalog on this page if you are curious about the technical aspect of our standard assortment of grinders.

Benefits of the CrushGrind® mechanisms:

Highly durable

The ceramic mill takes minimal wear when grinding, giving it a long product longevity

Fits all types of design

Our designers can always recommend a mechanism or help accommodating a design to a CrushGrind® mechanism

Grounds all types of spices

CrushGrind® mechanisms can grind all types of spices and unfold the full flavor potential from them

Technical aspects of our grinder mechanisms

All relevant information regarding the technical aspect of our mechanisms that cover all design needs and choices of material.

In the catalog we cover:
-Feature details of our mechanisms
-Integration guidelines
-Tolerances and measurements
-Used materials and suitable material of finished product

If you have any further questions about our CrushGrind® mechanisms or our partner and manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us.


“Creating great kitchen utensils that enables gastronomic creativity is our passion. When collaborating with us we guarantee you a durable and high quality design for your customers.”

- Lone Ogaard, CEO and partner

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