BILLUND oil & vinegar, blueberry

Sale priceDKK 249,00

We love good taste! Both in food and design.

This elegant oil/vinegar pitcher is part of our Billund series which is a fun and playful design. The color of the glass reflects the light and the color changes depending on the content.

It matches any table or kitchen and is perfect for your favorite oil or vinegar.

It is made in borasilicate glass with a silicone spout.
The silicone spout is cleverly designed to easily control pouring and prevent unwanted drips. The shape means that liquids run back inside the bottle after pouring.
The lid is made in a biocomposite material made of wood based cellulose fibres from certified, sustainably managed forests.

The material has a low carbon footprint, and unlike crop-based biomaterials, this bio composite doesn’t interfere with a food-production chain.