CrushGrind KIM_BO

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CrushGrind® KIM_BO is the most versatile cast iron pot in the world, with 4 functions in one.

* It's a 6.4L cast iron Dutch oven - Is there anything you can't do with a large, heavy-duty cast-iron pot? Use it for boiling, searing, frying, braising, and baking food. It’s even good for sous-vide cooking.

* It's a 28cm grill pan – grill meat, fish, veggies and even fruits.

The tall, wide, chunky grill lines sear food properly, leaving impressive bold and crispy cross-hatch grill marks.

* Turn it upside down - so it’s a bread dome too! The KIM_BO retains and radiates heat very well, and its tight-fitting lid helps keep in steam so that bread rises properly and develops a lovely, crackly crust. The flat side of the lid makes it super easy to load dough onto without burning your knuckles.

* You can use the flat side as a Pizza Stone! To make Italian-style pizza with flavorful crisp, deeply browned crusts; you need to use a hot stone for the quick rise and baking of the base. The KIM_BO lid does the same job! Your authentic pizza should be ready in no time.

The KIM_BO also has an extra lid made of silicone. This means that you can still use the pot independently at the same time as grilling your favorite foods. The silicone lid is oven proof up to 240 degrees Celsius – so just start cooking!