VAASA grinder, green 13cm

Sale priceDKK 149,00

Get your spices grinding! This is a clean and fresh design – allowing the spices inside of the grinder to be the star of the show.

The Vaasa grinder is an upside down grinder that won’t leave any residues on your tabletop. The adjusting wheel at the top of the grinder makes it very easy to get just the right coarseness. Add your spices or mix your own blends and experience what freshly ground spices will do for your cooking.

The Vaasa series is based on a biocomposite material made of wood based cellulose fibres from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material gives the products a warm, natural and earthy feel.

The material has a low carbon footprint, and unlike crop-based biomaterials, this bio composite doesn’t interfere with a food-production chain.

The grinders are mounted with our patented CrushGrind® mechanism where we offer 25 year guarantee on the ceramic parts.