Woodcut Mill Drill Universal

Sale priceDKK 1.085,00

This drill is the perfect tool to speed up your production of salt, pepper and spice mills. It is tested and approved by CrushGrind®.

It is designed to help woodturners make the production of spice grinders faster and easier, and fits both CrushGrind® Shaft and CrushGrind® Shaft Mini.

The Woodcut Mill Drill Universal is a versatile tool where you can adjust the cutters to match the CrushGrind® mechanism. It is used to cut hole sizes for CrushGrind® Shaft and CrushGrind® Shaft Mini so you avoid buying different types of drill bits. It incorporates a No2 Morse Taper so it will fit into the tail stock of most lathes.

The Woodcut Mill Drill Universal includes the tool, an Allen key to adjust the cutters and a user guide.

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